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Making a Highly Efficient, Sustainable Home: The Ostro Passivhaus

Courtesy of House Planning Help and Ben Adam-Smith, we bring you the Ostro Passivhaus.

Architects Martin McCrae and Mhairi Grant made use of their design background and DIY skills to create themselves a stunning Passivhaus home. While the timber frame stick build was relatively quick to put up, completing the house was a labor of love that took place in spare time over several years. The result, however, was worth the wait. Their home is not only a great piece of modern architecture but it has been constructed with sustainable materials and meets the stringent Passivhaus standard. This video explains all the work that went in and provides tips for any self-builders about to embark on a project.

N.B. Big thanks to Mike Coe and Lizzie Stoodley for filming this one.

To read more about the project, click here.

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