Don't Judge a House by its Cover - Better Stories Means Better Buildings

Greg Esparza of Moontower Design Build talks about certain "intangibles" associated with high-performance building (like air quality and healthy, low-carbon materials) can impact residents' quality of life.



The Pointe at Hills Farm: Design Insights & Construction Prep

Kate Doherty (Steven Winter Associates) and Jen Hegarty (CUBE3) join our February Project Showcase to discuss The Pointe at Hills Farm.

Video, Multifamily


A Next Gen Look at "Upfront CA"

Emily Dodson and Syd Hibshman of Philadelphia based Holzraum System explore the synergy of architecture, DFMA, site-built construction, and high-performance passive house principles.



The (Air) Ins and Outs of Passive House Ventilation

Andrew Peel of Peel Passive House explores how the magic ingredients of well designed and implemented Passive House ventilation systems all come together.

Video, Building Science


Join us for Reimagine Buildings '24 on March 7-8, 2024

Announcing the 24-hour, around-the-world, global online happening: Reimagine Buildings ’24.



Elevating Fire Resilient Design with Passive House Principles | ROCKWOOL Component Spotlight

This Component Spotlight presentation with ROCKWOOL examines the fire properties of products used in the built environment and the fire resistance and performance of assemblies.



Implementing Cutting Edge & Circular MEP Strategies within Passive Mixed-Use Affordable Housing

Ed Ettinger of Ettinger Engineering Associates spotlights how the redevelopment of the landmark Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market into a mixed-use Passive House affordable housing project does this adeptly.



Electrification the Multifamily Passive House Way

Sara Bayer and Lara Caballero join our January Project Showcase event to shed light on the imperative role of Passive House construction in achieving electrification goals and its profound impact on the grid.



Beyond Efficiency: Unveiling the Embodied Carbon Challenge in Low-Carbon Construction

Elisabeth Baudinaud, Founder of Carbon Wise, joined our January Next Gen series with an insightful discussion on embodied carbon.

Video, Embodied Carbon, Passive House Accelerator Live