Join the Phius Developer's Summit 2022 (April 26-28)

The Phius Developer’s Summit 2022 will look to serve as a gateway into the world of passive building for developers and real-estate professionals. The event will take place virtually April 26-28 with each of the three nights covering a specific topic.

Tuesday, April 26 – Single-Family Panel

Each panelist will present on creating Phius certified single-family homes, and how it is not only possible, but a viable model for developments that are healthier and more resilient than code homes. Phius Associate Director Lisa White will moderate.

Wednesday, April 27 – Multifamily Panel

Each panelist will share how and why creating Phius certified multifamily homes – large or small – is “just common sense” for their projects, their standing in the community, and their relationship with tenants. Phius Policy Specialist Isaac Elnecave will moderate.

Thursday, April 28 – Financial Panel

Each panelist will speak about unique opportunities for projects seeking certification. Phius Executive Director and Co-Founder Katrin Klingenberg will moderate.

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