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June 14, 2021

Passive House Week In Preview: June 14

Passive House Week In Preview: June 14

Read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, deadlines, and developments to put on your radar this week. Do you have Passive House news that we should share in a future edition? Email us at: [email protected]

1. TUE: Mario Bissessiar Retrofit Construction


Mario, president and founder of City Line Interiors, will talk about the technical, technique, and technology used to complete the high performance retrofit of a single unit in a multifamily building. Join us at the June 15 Construction Tech to dive into the details, challenges, and tech involved in this high performance retrofit in a historic masonry building. Learn more.

2. WED: Jane Sanders, Designing a Single Unit Retrofit


Then, at the June 16 Global Passive House Happy Hour Jane Sanders will present the design challenges and plans for the same single unit retrofit that Mario will have shared at Construction Tech. Currently, Jane serves as a senior associate and director of sustainability at Henson Architecture. Join us to learn about the benefits and challenges of this single unit retrofit. Learn more.

3. NOW LIVE: Episode 43 of the Passive House Podcast


Mary James and Ilka Cassidy talk with Meleny Thomas, executive director of the South Baltimore Community Land Trust (SBCLT), about the organization’s mission to create community-led development and her decision to target Passive House for their initial development of 10 new homes. Listen here.

4. Sto Corp. Component Spotlight Air & Moisture Barrier in Complete Wall Systems June 17


Thomas Remmele and Zak Veres of Sto Corp. will share "Air & Moisture Barriers in Complete Wall Systems — The Importance of Detailing, Continuity, and Sequencing." Register here.

Jun 17, 2021 10 am Pacific/ 1 pm Eastern

5. Revitalizing Communities: The Retrofit Issue


Achieving a carbon-neutral built environment is going to require deep energy retrofits of somewhere around 3% of the building stock annually—a big step up in most areas. How do we get there? This retrofit special issue delivers a constellation of answers, from multiple programs that are designed to industrialize retrofit processes to architectural firms honing retrofit practices to individually tailored retrofit solutions. Download here.

6. Save the Date: Spring Conferences & Summits

Policy Chats hosted by NAACP Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector 
The goal of these chats is to provide a relaxed and informal space to learn about the basic approaches and mechanisms currently being used for different types of policy. Using this common foundation and shared language, the NAACP Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector group will dive back into our discussion about our priorities and interventions for policy change around the country. Join the conversation:

Historic Preservation Part 1, 8 pm ET June 14 
Building Performance Standards, 8 pm ET June 16
Historic Preservation Part 2, 8 pm ET June 22
Building Electrification 8 pm ET June 28

Centering Equity in Passive House Community Workshop (June 24)
Centering Equity in Passive House is a presentation and workshop to offer a practical path for companies to either begin the discussion or improve upon existing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within their firms. The presentation (developed from the Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector initiative of NAACP) asks members of the Passive House community to challenge themselves, their companies and organizations, to take on self-identified commitments which build up the next generation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) professionals in the design, engineering, construction, and management of the Passive House movement across North America. Co-presented by Astrid Countee and Johnny Rezvani. Register here.

Passive House Open Days 2021 (June 25-27)
Are you enthusiastic about the Passive House concept and its advantages? Then take part in the Open Days and motivate others to join the movement by sharing your knowledge and experiences! Learn more.

7. SOCIALS: Passive House/Building Science Gatherings 


Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech Tuesday
Mario Bissessiar: Single Unit Retrofit Construction Part 1 (Tue, June 15)

phiusGEB - Net Zero for the Renewable Future (Tue, June 15)

Global Passive House Happy Hour
Jane Sanders: Designing a Single Unit Retrofit Part 2  (Wed, June 16)

Monthly New Construction Webinar (Wed, June 16)

BS* + Beer Show
Going Electric: Solar Power Part I (Thu, June 17)

#BS (Building Science) Fridays
US Engineered Wood, Inc Ventilation & Certification Michael Franco of PHIUS (Fri, June 18)

8. EDUCATION: Upcoming Passive House Trainings

Draft Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap Presentation (June 15 & 16)

Live-Online CPHD Training (June 16-17, 24-25)

Emu Passive
On-demand CPHT Training + Weekly Live Q&A (Registration deadline Jun 18th)

Virtual Pro Tour: Affordable Passive Housing and Non-Profit Community Facility (June 18)

CPHB Training Phase II (June 21)

Rocky Mountain Institute 
Remaking the Warehouse (June 23)

Emu Passive
Online CPHT Training and Exams (June 24 - August 8, deadline to enroll June 17)
Online CPHT Q&A Session (June 25)

Passive House Canada
Built in Canada: Lessons Learned from Passive House Projects (June 25)

Passive House New Zealand 
Marketing Passive House (June 29)

Peel Passive House Consulting 
Certified Passive House Designer Course ( (July 6-29)

CPHC Training Phase II (July 12)

1-Day Introduction to Passive House Standard (July 21)

Urban Green Council
GPRO Fundamentals of Building Green (July 22)

CPHB Training Phase II (August 3)

Emu Passive 
In-Person CPHT Class in Denver, CO (August 9-10)
In-Person Passive Pod Workshop for PHI and PHIUS pros in Denver, CO (Aug 11-12)
CPHT Exam Online/In-Person in Denver, CO (August 13)

CPHC Training Phase II (September 13)

View our full calendar here.

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