Student Residences in Passive House: Scaling Challenges & Insights  (9/27, 12pm ET / 9am PT)
April 10, 2023

Passive House Weekly April 10th, 2023

Passive House Weekly April 10th, 2023

April 10th, 2023

Please read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, articles, interviews, and developments.

The featured project above is the PHI certified Fox Hall House. Read more

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1. PHA Week in Preview

WED: The Future of Package Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHPs) and Passive House


Our new 101 Series of PHA LIVE! explores the fundamentals of Passive House and the application of basic principles, as taught by expert designers and tradespeople. Tessa Bradley, co-principal and architect at Artisans Group, joins our next session with 10 Steps to Designing Your First Single Family Passive House: Tips and Tricks From an Architect.

Package terminal heat pumps (PTHPs) offer a path to electrification while providing personalized comfort for heating and cooling, compact spacing, and cost savings. With recent advancements in PTHP technology, this decentralized system is now a viable option that you’ll want to explore for your next Passive House. This Next Gen presentation with Vicki Yee (Steven Winters Associates) will cover the benefits and design considerations of the latest PTHPs on the market, and strategies for successful implementation on Passive House projects. Get the Zoom link

NOW LIVE: New Passive House Podcast Episode

NOW LIVE: New Bonus Passive House Podcast Episodes

Enjoy the next two special bonus episodes recorded at the 26th International Passive House Conference. Thank you to our sponsors for making these interviews possible!

Ikon Windows and Doors | Innotech Windows and Doors | Intelligent Membranes | Minotair | Pro Clima

THIS WEEK: Events In the Passive House Community

Passive House Accelerator LIVE!
The Future of Package Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHPs) and Passive House (Apr 5)

Phius Certified Verifier Training (Apr 10)
NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Bright Power Projects (Apr 11)
Multifamily Certification 101 with James Ortega (Apr 13)

Passive House Network + Emu
Colorado Passive House Happy Hour (Apr 13)

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2. Featured Article of the Week


Facilitating the Renewable Transition: Passive Buildings + Grid-Interactive Capabilities

"We are intentionally integrating renewable generation resources (supply side) that have generation profiles that do not align identically with our building loads (demand side)," Lisa White writes. "In order to fully utilize and continue to rely more on renewable resources we must gain more control of our building load and rely on energy storage to re-shape the profiles into alignment." Read more

3. Upcoming Conferences

Passive House Canada, Future Forward: Innovations in Passive House and Beyond (May 8-10)

This year’s Annual Conference will consider the evolutions and innovations of Passive House design and construction, both currently and looking towards the future. Additionally, the conference will highlight the numerous evolutions in buildings and standards within a crowded green building market. This conference will also spotlight efforts to bolster the wider building sector across Canada and internationally by driving investment and collaborations, targeting embodied carbon, increasing climate resilience, leveraging policy and regulation, and spurring on prefabrication and manufacturing sectors of Canada.

Getting to Zero Forum (May 10-12)
The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to building decarbonization. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and around the world, there is no more important time than now for the Getting to Zero Forum. The event brings together the world’s leading experts to share best practice approaches to reducing energy demand and decarbonization related to policy, program, and projects. It is the only event with a broad cross-section of stakeholders focused on ambitious building efficiency goals and is an ideal venue for organizing both the policy and building communities to achieve zero carbon ambitions.

NYC Next: Trends for a Changing City (June 8)
In our 2023 conference, NYC Next: Trends for a Changing City, we’re bringing together experts to explain three key trends that will shape the city: getting to net zero, converting offices to apartments, and centering resiliency in NYC’s buildings of the future. We’ll talk to the individuals who have an inside look at these trends and are doing the work to make NYC’s climate targets a reality.

ASES Solar 2023 (Aug 8-11)
ASES supports the global initiative that a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy is an urgent necessity. Through the ASES National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2023 will elevate public, institutional, and governmental awareness of the critical role solar energy is playing in the global energy landscape. We must ensure that access to and the benefits from clean energy will be enjoyed by all communities, especially those that have been denied those benefits in the past.

2023 Passive House Network Conference (Sep 28-Oct 6)
Participate online and in Denver Colorado!

PhiusCon (November 7-10)
The four-day conference includes presentations from the top minds in the industry and is a catalyst for the advancement of passive building.

4. New Video

5. Upcoming Passive House Happenings

Passive House Accelerator
Next Gen:
The Future of Package Terminal Heat Pumps and Passive House (Apr 12)
Project Showcase:
Vienna House: Designing for Connectedness & Climate Resilience (Apr 19)

Phius 101 for Architects and Engineers (Apr 21)

Climate Action Museum
Climate Action Museum Earth Day Fun-Raiser & Dance (Apr 22)

B Public Prefab
Performance Prefab Installer Training (Apr 24)

Peel Passive House
Certified Passive House Designer Course – PeelPHC (April 25)

Building America
RFP for Community-Based Retrofit Solutions (May 9)

Passive House Network
Getting to Zero Forum (May 10)
CPHD On-Demand Trainings

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6. What We're Reading

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How parking lots across the U.S. are being turned into housing (Fast Company)
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Walmart to add EV charging to thousands of stores by 2030 (Washington Post)
Toxic PFAs not necessary to make fabric stain repellent, study finds (The Guardian)

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