Putting the Punk into Passive House, Part 2

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Can Passive House design and construction help achieve a Solarpunk future where people can thrive? In this second video of a four-part series, Zack Semke shares stories of the origins of chess and the power of arithmetic, the provinces of Mediocristan and Extremistan and the rules governing the clean energy transition, and the role of positive feedback loops in both the climate crisis and climate solutions. Join in this exploration of the climate crisis, the clean energy transition, and how buildings will play a starring role in halting climate change.

0:00 Intro to Part 2 of Putting the Punk into Passive House
0:45 Origins of Chess & the Power of Exponential Growth
4:00 Mediocristan Vs. Extremistan
6:48 Climate Change & Vicious Cycles
8:07 1,001 Days in Life of a Turkey
9:36 Black Swan Event & Clean Energy
10:44 The Power of Learning by Doing
12:28 IEA Can't Accept Exponential Growth of Renewables
14:11 Ramez Naam's Graphs of Solar Beating Forecasts
15:36 The S-Curve of Technology Adoption
16:18 Wind & Solar On Track for 1.5° C
17:36 Passive House is Growing Exponentially
18:02 Where are We Headed with Warming?

Author: Zachary Semke