Putting the Punk into Passive House, Part 3

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Can Passive House design and construction help achieve a Solarpunk future where people can thrive? In this third video of a four-part series, Zack Semke shares how our "Business as Usual" assumption for warming has been reset, the headwinds to climate action, and the virtuous circles we can harness to destroy demand for fossil fuels, like Passive House deployment! Climate security equals fossil fuel demand destruction. Join in this exploration of the climate crisis, the clean energy transition, and how buildings will play a starring role in halting climate change.

0:00 Intro to Part 3 of Putting the Punk into Passive House
0:34 Today's New "Business As Usual" for Global Warming
3:26 Headwinds to Climate Action
4:30 Fossil Fuel Demand Destruction = Climate Security
5:10 Virtuous Circles in Climate Action
6:40 We Can Chart a Different Path

Author: Zachary Semke