Putting the Punk into Passive House, Part 4

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Can Passive House design and construction help achieve a Solarpunk future where people can thrive? In this final video of a four-part series, Zack Semke introduces the Solarpunk aesthetic and movement, how it relates to the "Outrage and Optimism" of climate campaigner Christina Figueres, and the many ways that Passive House IS Solarpunk. Join in this exploration of the climate crisis, the clean energy transition, and how buildings will play a starring role in halting climate change.

0:00 Intro to Part 4 of Putting the Punk into Passive House
0:34 "OK Doomer" It's Not Too Late
1:49 Outrage and Optimism
3:10 Visions of a Nightmare
4:35 MLK Did Not Say "I Have a Nightmare"
5:02 Imagine What's on the Other Side of the Clean Energy Transition
8:07 What is Solarpunk? 9:31 Solarpunk Art & Architecture
13:15 Passive House IS Solarpunk
14:31 The IPCC Needs Us to be Punk
15:14 Passive House is Solarpunk Bad-Assery
15:50 The Genius of Passive House: the Building is Technology
16:13 Passive House Design Principles
16:38 Passive House & Learning by Doing
17:54 Passive House Benefits: Health & Happiness
18:21 Reduced Energy Demand & Emissions of Passive House is Solarpunk
18:55 Reduced Energy Load of Passive House is Solarpunk
20:06 Passive Resilience is Solarpunk
21:05 We're in a Race with the Climate Crisis
21:24 We Have Exponential Power in Climate Solutions

Author: Zachary Semke