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Founded in 2011 by Hugh Whiriskey, Partel produces and supplies high-performance, energy-efficient systems for the green building sector.

The company provides a wide range of Airtight and Windtight Systems for commercial and residential building.
VARA, IZOPERM, EXOPERM, ALMA-T, CONIZO, and CONEXO are some of the most known brands used extensively in the construction sector, including monolithic breathable membranes, airtight tapes, thermal bridging solutions, and adhesives to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.

Technical excellence is at the core of their product development. The company invests in high-performance products to support innovation and quality of life, with an unwavering focus on sustainability, technical excellence, and performance.

Their background and dedicated expertise in Engineering, Architecture and Building physics will ensure you the better solutions for each project - specific and tailored technical advice, technical documentation, WUFI analysis, training, and onsite inspections.

Energy consumption will continue to increase in the next decades. The solution is efficiency - Save energy. Build Smart.

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Exoperm Mono 150 - Highly breathable membrane | Monolithic Technology | Hi-Performance Airtight membrane