Passive House Week In Preview: October 25

Read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, deadlines, and developments to put on your radar this week. The featured project above is Black Stone Apartments. The project team included Kaplan Thompson Architects. Submit your project HERE for a chance to be featured.

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1. TUE: Low-rise Building as a Climate Solution

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On this week's Construction Tech show, Chris Magwood of the Endeavour Centre will share a new report from Builders for Climate Action, an organization he co-founded that focuses on providing tools and research to policymakers and practitioners. Join us to hear from Chris about embodied carbon, low-rise buildings as climate action, and Chris's new research. Learn more.

2. WED: New Day ZNE Preschool in Portland Oregon

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At the Global Passive House Showcase this Wednesday, Alex Boetzel, director of operations and sustainability at Portland, Oregon-based Green Hammer, and Laura Squillace, architect at Green Hammer, will join us to dive into the details and design challenges of the New Day School Zero Net Energy Retrofit. Alex and Laura will share their approach to air quality, rooftop solar array, and more in this preschool project in Southeast Portland. Learn more.

3. THU: Building Performance Interactive Miniseries Launches!

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In this first installment of our new UK/Ireland-based Building Performance Interactive monthly miniseries, Passive House luminary Tomás O'Leary will join cohosts Ben Adam-Smith (House Planning Help), Hugh Whiriskey (Partel), and Mike Jacob (KISS House) for "Train-to-nZEB - Centres of Excellence for High-Performance Buildings in EU."

Thursday, October 28, 2pm BST (9am EST). Learn more.

4. NOW LIVE: Episode 58 of the Passive House Podcast

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Matthew interviews Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Vice Chair of Working Group III of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for her return visit to the Podcast. Ürge-Vorsatz shares her perspectives about the urgent nature of the climate crisis, the important window of opportunity that we have to address it right now, and the big role that buildings in general, and Passive House in particular, can play in solution-making. Listen here.

5. SPECIAL: Partel Passive House Component Podcast Episode

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In this special Passive House Component Episode, Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Hugh Whiriskey, founder and Technical Director of Partel, the Galway, Ireland-based developer and manufacturer of high-performance airtight and windtight systems. Hugh shares his motivations for founding Partel, the role that building regulations in the UK and Ireland are playing in advancing Passive House adoption, what that advancement means for high-performance building products moving forward, and the key role of education in further accelerating the transition to Passive House construction and retrofits. Listen here.

6. Passive House Crash Course For Students


This fall, Passive House Accelerator is partnering with the AIAS chapter from New York Institute of Technology to bring students a free and open-to-all crash course in Passive House design and careers. This 1-hour lunchtime special will take a dive into the design principles that drive Passive House performance, the wide range of building typologies possible, and how to become a certified Passive House designer or consultant.

Come learn how to design homes and buildings that are safer for people and better for the planet. While this course is tailored to design, architecture, engineering students we welcome all students interested in creating a career out of addressing climate action. Register here.

7. SOCIALS: Passive House/Building Science Gatherings

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Construction Tech Tuesday 
Low-rise Building as Climate Action (Tue, Oct 26)

Global Passive House Showcase 
New Day ZNE Preschool in Portland (Wed, Oct 27)

Getting to Zero
2021 Getting to Zero Forum (October 27-29)

Building Performance Interactive 
Episode 1: nZEB & PH Principals with Tomas O'Leary (Thu, Oct 28)

BS  & Beer Show
Conspiracy Theories with The Green Building Police with Carl Seville and Michael Anschel (Thu, Oct 28)

#BS (Building Science) Fridays
Unbuilders (Fri, Oct 29)

Passive House Accelerator x AIAS 
Crash Course For Students (Tue, Nov 2)

Passive House Network x Passive House Accelerator
Virtual Open Days at Engine 16 (Fri, Nov 5)

International Passive House Institute 
Open Days (November 5-7)

8. EDUCATION: Upcoming Passive House Trainings

Australian Passive House Association
Design PH Masterclass (October 26)

Hyperlocal Workshop A Climate Refugee Proposal for LA (October 27)

New York Passive House 
LAMILUX Skylights & The Benefits of High Performance (October 28)

Passive House Canada
Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam (October 29)
120A Passive House Design and Construction (November 1)
120B Understanding and Working with PHPP (November 2)

International Passive House Association 
Project Spotlight: Sinfonia Experience in Large Scale Retrofit (November 3)

Building Energy Exchange 
Climate Mobilization Act Series: What About Affordable Housing? (November 4)

New York Passive House 
Product Showcase | Thermally-Broken Shelf Angles (November 4)

Passive House Canada 
Control of Air – Air Barrier Systems and Material Selection (November 5)

Smart Plus Academy 
ONLINE Passive House Tradesperson Course (November 11 - December 11)

Phius+ Rater Training (November 8)
Retrofit Certifications – Guidelines for REALIZE and ABC Collaborative (November 9)

Building Energy Exchange 
Passive House Primer (November 16)

Emu Passive 
Passive Pod Workshop (November 17, 18)

New York Passive House
Product Showcase | Air Source Heat Pumps: Mitshubishi Electric Products (November 18)

CPHC Exam (November 19)

Emu Passive 
CPHT Exam (November 19)

Smart Plus Academy 
ONLINE Passive House Designer/Consultant Course (November 22 - December 2)

Passive House Canada
Controlling Water on Roofs and Below-Grade (November 26)
PHPP Expert (November 30)

WUFI (December 2)
CPHC Training II (December 6)
CPHC Exam (December 17)

View our full calendar here.

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