Prefab Highlights of 2023

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Prefabrication and modular construction have been big parts of the Accelerator's programing in 2023. It can help us scale up the process of decarbonizing our building stock and create manufacturing jobs that help local economies.

We're looking forward to more articles and videos that focus on prefabrication in 2024. For now, here are some of the highlights from this past year. Enjoy!



Offsite Construction Meets Growing Demand

Co-hosts Hugh Whiriskey and Ben Adam-Smith welcome Pat Kirwan, Des O'Donnell and Brian Kennedy to provide an overview of modern methods of construction (MMC): structural panelised; modular; and volumetric modular.

Video, Pre-Fab, Building Performance Interactive


Pre-Fabulous: A Fast Passive House Build With Prefab Panels + Timber Frame

See how prefab panels, Passive House design, and timber frame construction are coming together in a sustainable, high-performance, and low embodied-carbon home. Ilka Cassidy and Steve Hessler of Holzraum System guide us through the design process and share how they and the team at New Energy Works are navigating this new landscape of sustainable construction.

Video, Pre-Fab, Single Family, Reimagine Buildings


Iconic Retrofits Bring Passive House to Brooklyn, NYC | Massive Passive

Our inaugural episode of Massive Passive takes us to Bushwick, Brooklyn, where we delve into the Casa Pasiva retrofit initiative that is bringing beautiful new facades to affordable housing buildings throughout the neighborhood.

Video, Retrofit, Affordable Housing, Reimagine Buildings


Modern Bones For Next Generation Homes: Marshall Fire Rebuild

Jonah Stanford (CTO and co-creator) and Edie Dillman (CEO and co-creator of B.PUBLIC Prefab) talk about the Boulder Colorado Marshall Fire rebuild and the emerging AEC collaborations for rapid integration of Passive House principles.

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