Climate-Conscious Building: Bringing the Future to Now

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Spring brings continued growth in the Passive House market, from exemplary projects to exquisitely tailored products to prefabricated assemblies.

Our “Prefabricated and Factory Built” update reports on a host of new options. “Expanding a Mission” covers an innovative retrofit and new-build development.  “Industrializing Deep Energy Retrofits” addresses a strategic approach to handling existing buildings.

Looking for ideas on how to shrink a building’s embodied energy or low-cost tools for post-occupancy measurement? Read on!

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Articles in this Issue


Prefabricated and Factory Built

With demand for Passive House-quality panels and modules on the rise, the factories producing these goods are expanding in number, capacity, and production.


Industrializing Deep Energy Retrofits

Not all retrofits can be accomplished in one go, as the PHI recognized when it created a certification for phased retrofits, or EnerPHit projects.


New York’s Path to Scaling Up Passive House

The proliferation of Passive House buildings in New York today arose within the context of increasing recognition of the seriousness of climate change—and of adopting new policies or regulations that respond to this serious challenge.


Stress Testing For a Changing Climate

Passive House specialist Monte Paulsen grapples with how to design climate specific buildings in a changing climate


Expanding a Mission

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) works to provide housing solutions for seniors, low- and moderate-income families, and people with special needs.


Optimizing the Prefab Design Process

A large screened-in porch just off the south side of this two-story house, providing the perfect venue for relaxation.


Delphi Haus Universal Design in Washington

Surrounded by mountains and filled with a soft yellow glow that radiates from the top of yellow-painted soffits extending into the living room, the home was designed for the long-term health and well-being of its owners, Kelly and Laura, and the land they love.


Washington Heights Multifamily Passive Building

It is said that there are no coincidences. Such is the case with 577 West 161st Street in Washington Heights, New York.


Historic Philadelphia EnerPHit

The older a building, the tougher it may be to successfully renovate it to Passive House standards.


Berkeley Passive Houses

The Berkeley Way project is located in the relatively flat area of Berkeley close to the Bay Area Rapid Transit system


Addressing Embodied Energy With Mass Timber

We began with investigating low-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) materials to improve air quality and occupant health in the buildings we designed.


Artists Residence in Stonington

Once he explained Passive Houses' many benefits, ‘That fits the bill” was their response. 


Ecological Home in Dorval

Lucie Langlois, principal of Alias Architecture in Quebec, is finding that SketchUp and DesignPH are helping to streamline the design process for her second certified single-family Passive House.


Measuring a Healthy Home

I'm  trained in engineering and have worked either developing or selling test and measurement (T&M) equipment for the last 30 years.

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