Fast Company: How Vancouver is Pushing To Build a City of Zero Emission Buildings

In this Fast Company article, Sean Pander, green building manager for the City of Vancouver, shares secrets to the city’s progress in decarbonizing its building stock. Policies centered around Passive House have been the driver.

“In just four years, we went from one Passive House certified home, in 2015, to 2,800 housing units this year, built or permitted to the Passive House standard or using an alternative zero-emissions approach,” Pander writes. “Vancouver is on track for better buildings—with lower heating bills, increased comfort for residents, and healthier indoor air quality—that are quieter and easier to maintain.”

Read Pander’s article to learn how city leadership, industry buy-in, and manufacturer and practitioner capacity-building came together to get Vancouver where it is today, and how the city as well as the Province of British Columbia are building on this success to go even further.

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash.